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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 31, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> a violent night in the city of philadelphia, police investigate two separate shootings, one of them sends a teenager to the hospital. another has left a man dead. we're live with more on the investigation. >> also this morning, the search continues for the gunman who shot and killed a man over the weekend in haverford township. police say he struck before. >> live look at the art museum this morning, we are in for a magnificant monday. won't be too humid today. but it will be heating up again. today is monday, july 31, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'll rahel solomon. little a literation you got
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going on over there. >> mighty magnificant. >> keep the theme going. >> looking outside right now, really your commute looks real nice. just talking about some construction really, looks great. >> i would say real comfortable for those construction workers, too, you don't have the humidity like you mentioned, stays pretty low throughout the day. the only big difference from yesterday, how it is getting a little hotter. but for the end every july, this is not bad. all right, let's take you on outside. we look at "skycam 3", light traffic overlooking spring garden and the broad street intersection there. if you look closely, the sky is clear enough that it is still pretty early, but you can already make out, you see that little light of day. gout to maybe squint little bit. it is there. see the sun continue to come up a little later, little later, with every passing day, now that we have some solsus, but looking at the area temperatures right now, it is pretty cool outside. philadelphia, at least, slew of positions that we've seen, one of the mildest spots of the pack. so you're down even in at lan
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at this time sick i, 57, 51 mount pocono, calm winds to go along with it, out the door with a sweatshirt, a lot of outlying suburbs, certainly, because it is just that cool. we look he area dew points, these, too, nice and low, remember the lower the dew point, drier the air, in short , specifically, as long as there is not a win, better hair day to go along with t so tends up being one of those barak particular list perfect days you'll enjoy sunshine, warmth, little hotter by the way, too, up to 89 degrees, low humidity, and nice light breeze. so all of those boxes can be check off here today. and coming up i'll let you know how long this stretch of nice weather is expected to last. meisha? >> all right, looking beautiful, thanks so much, katie. looking outside right now, things are looking real nice. so 95 south at cottman, what you are looking at, there just crack into the 5:00 hour, start to see levels build through the 5:00 hour, and specially as we head toward the 6:00. usually when we start to see beautiful sky here, 202, near king of prussia, this is the moment that you're seeing both directions around there.
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fairly typical. starting to build levels ever so slightly now, and peaking at 42 near the a.c. expressway , looking there, headlights, tail light there, as well. we were also looking at this area, which is the schuylkill, so the schuylkill between city avenue and gladwynn westbound. this is where we had some over night resurfaced still going on, actually both directions eastbound and westbound both sides east and web now clear. so looking good there. in terms of mass transit, want to pull your attention to this on friday, trucks hit a bridge that caused some track damage, because of that, new jersey ac rail line suspended. it will be suspended for two weeks, between philadelphia and cherry hill, bus service available, patco river line, new jersey transit, south jersey buses will be cross honoring. then, couple every places of construction northeast construction northbound, now cleared, more to talk about when we come back in a little bit. jim, rahel, back to you. >> new this morning, two gunshot victims in two neighborhoods after violent night in philadelphia. >> one of them did not survive "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in fairhill with
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the latest now on the investigation, into both cases trang, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, rahel, jim. police have not made any after hes in either shooting, but they just left the scene here in fairhill. take a look. i'm going to show you the scene here, where police were focusing on this particular home where the man was sitting on the stoop when he was shot and killed. police also towed away a car that was in front of the house believed to be involved. but again, this is just one of two shootings, in north philadelphia, overnight. the shooting in fairhill had been sometime after 1:30 a.m. near the intersection of fourth street and indianna avenue. police say someone approached hispanic man in his 20's, and shot him anywhere from one to four times in the face. neighbors attempt topped take him to the hospital. but police arrived quickly and transported the man to temple hospital. where he was pronounced dead short time later. nearby, in feltonville, police are investigating another shooting, on the 4900 block of
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b street. just before midnight, police say a 17 year old girl was sitting inside a home, when she was struck in the chest by a stray bullet that came through the window. she arrived at st. christopher hospital for children, in a private car, and is recovering there. an offer duty police officer in the neighborhood spotted several men running into an apartment building on the same block. the swat team cleared the building, but did not find the men inside. and again, no arrests yet in other case, the 17 year old shot in feltonville is in stable condition. for now live in fairhill. i'm trang do, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." rahel and jim, back to you. >> thank you, trang, for up that date. >> moo more violence, police investigating two shootings happened just 3 miles apart after a man is shot dead in haverford township. they say this is the suspect they believe shot and killed a man saturday night. officials say the victim, 29 year old john lee, was leaving a pizza shop to visit friends' apartment on haverford road when he was shot. these photos also link the
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gunman to another shooting. "eyewitness news" caught 11 neighbor who said he heard the gunshots from inside his home. >> tired of it, throughout the city, sick of it, and something needs to be done about all of the killings and the shootings that's going on. because it affect everyone. >> and the other shooting was in overbrook park, just 45 minute earlier. that one happened near 77 and sherwood roads. investigators say the gunmen fired the shot missed two, off in a gray volvo. >> happening today preliminary hearing for montgomery county woman who allegedly murdered her mother. police say elena house hey stamped her mother in perk a.m. sean house. rim rick township police found house in a second floor bedroom, charges against house -hey include first degree murder. judge will announce his verdict for an accused kill ne case. george shaw is charged with raping and murdering 14 year ol his
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bensalem apartment. police say shaw with the hel bod in a wooded area near highway one. defense argues that the testimony from the friend is not credible. president trump begins ate house chief of staff. retired marine general, john kelly, will take the oath of office at about 9:30 this morning, prive us resigned last week, after fall out with the trump administration, kelly former secretary of homeland security. us state department is responding to russia's cut- back of american diplomats russian president vladmeere putin said this weekend the us will have to reduce its staff in russia by 755 positions. the order takes effect september 1st. the state department calls the move a regretable and un call for act. russia's orders is in response to new sanctions over its meddling in the u.s. election, and for military aggression in the ukraine and syria. and the us put it military might on display yesterday in response to north korea latest test launch of
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inter-continental balistic missile. flew 2b1 bombers over the peninsula, tested missile defense system over the pacific ocean. analysts say flight data from north korea icbm test showed broader part of the us mainlands now in range of north korea weapons. well, the atlantic city coast guard suspends its search for swim here reportedly went missing off of point pleasant beach. a 24 year old slovakian woman missing since 2:30 yesterday morning, swim wag friends also from slovakia. the coast guard says both the woman and her friends struggled in the rough surf, the 47-foot motor lifeboat crew and air crew were dispatched to search for that woman. still ahead how survivors marking the anniversary of the q creek mine rescue. >> also this morning, pistorius discovery on vehicles in california. resident find them splat nerds red. and authorities say this isn't vandalism. we'll tell you what happened. >> plus more of the dramatic
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rescue to free passengers stranded in the air after a cable car breaks down. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> love me some tar moore. lots of people probably waking up having a hard time this monday morning, the good news, though, supposed to be pretty nice day. that count for something, right? the forecast when we come back >> ♪
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look at this video from germany. calling in mobile cranes to get the passenger down. thirty-two cars were running at the time of the accident. first responders rescued the people trapped in the cars, including some young children. emergency services were able to successfully lower all of the stranded passengers to safety but imagine, so scar. >> i oh, they would have had to made kate me. i don't do well in those situations. british columbia experiencing it worse wild fire season in more than 50 years. >> there have been more than 800 fires across the canadian province, 150 still burning. the elephant wild fire burning since july 6.
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the aggressive fire forced acres, more than 100 properties, hundreds evacuated but fortunately no injuries have been reported. off initials california are investigating the accidental drop of flame retardant over fresno. authority say a fire fighting aircraft dropped the red colored substance over homes, cars, in the area, saturday afternoon. now, officials stress that the substance is non-toxic. they describe it as soft based fertilizer that you use on your lawn. the red dye is added so they can see it when they drop it. a mess, though. well, 15 years after what's called the misch call at the mine, miners rescuers gathered in the pennsylvania town where it all happened. >> in july 2002, 9 miners rescued from the mine after being trapped for three days, crews drilled small shaft and lowered small metal capsule, brought each miner up one at a time say more than 10,000 people visit that site each year. >> remember when that happened
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everyone was glued to the tv for days. >> understandably. >> headlines. well, headline for today, magnificant? >> i like it, yes, looks like pretty fantastic start to the week, guys, we once again have sunshine, you once again have low humidity, the big difference juan day to the next from yesterday to today, little hotter for us out there , still dry, you still have the excuse to head out to school. going to the beach, that kind of thing, and looks like overall we will cooperate in that regard when it comes to temperatures, so let's talk about averages for a second here, the average high still 87. we are still in the midst of technically the hottest part of not just this season but the entire year. we expect to hit about 89 degrees later this afternoon, by august 31, your average has dropped off a handful of degrees. and it is even cooler come the end of september here, where you're only averaging about 72 at best for day daytime high. pretty much getting over the crest there, when it comes to the warmest part of the season right now. so, you know, tis the season,
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get out enjoy this, overall looks like pretty great week, generally speaking of weather here. storm scan tranquil at the moment. it will stay that way throughout the day. some indication off to the north and west, far north and west over the region we start to see couple of showers pop up. most every us stay dry here in the sunshine at least for now, 56 degrees the current temperature, you see it relatively happen hazard winds flow at the moment, but calm winds, that said, looking at some of the temperatures, currently mid 50's millville, even atlantic sit, regardless, quite cool, even at the immediate shore line. and you flirt with 40's up in mount pocono, in late july. i mean, not like it has never happened, but a little atypical. now, crisp clearview for you overlooking palmyra cove nature park, beautiful center city skyline in the distance, i mean, so clear, you can even see the bleep on the top of the skyscraper light here. so really clearview for you. and visibility, zero issue for us today. air simply dry anyway. but if you are headed out for the first pitch here, phils taking on the braves, some
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perfect baseball weather, doesn't get better than. >> this 84 degrees, not terribly humid. love it. so great afternoon. then, the forecast beyond this point, definately get hot. low 90s right through friday really. but our chances for showers do go up as frontal boundary approaches, over that span every time. meisha? >> right. katie, thank you so much for. that will very good morning, happy monday to you. so to the vine, it was open, it was open all night. so looking good both westbound and eastbound. but i will say that levels are starting to build on the vine both directions right now if you are just thinking every headed out there. blue route near baltimore pike , both directions you can see levels starting to slowly build around the area, as well , we look on the blue route, that will be the case. gorgeous sky here. boulevard at fox street. what you are going to be working with, so far everyone still traveling around at posted speeds. even where we do have some construction crews out there. schuylkill near spring garden what you are looking at, taillights moving towards center city. i wouldn't say starting to build levels on the schuylkill , as well, but again overall everything still looking good there. we do have some construction p
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a turnpike westbound before route 29, right lane is still compromised, so just heads up. also, construction delaware, route 896 southbound between route 40 and porter road. that right lane is compromised we look at the censors, you can see, basically all green, but just a little bit of yellow right there. construction crews being out there, that's slowing you down , maybe just ever so slightly, so just a heads up on that. and then, also looking at some construction every new buses and sidewalks here on the boulevard. this is boulevard north and southbound, outer lanes at the intersection of cottman around wells welsh, grant, redd line on, this long standing project out there until october. talking more about that coming up in just a little bit. rahel, jim, back over to you. >> meisha, see you soon, thank you. now for a look at nude help lines from across our region. two people shot in separate incidents in wilmington last night, 35 year old man shot in the hip at around 8:30 at east
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23rd and pine, north pine street. then, around 9:45, a 29 year old woman was shot in the arm on the 2300 block of north locust. both instances the victims were transported to christianna hospital in stable condition. >> from the trentonian, trenton ems ambulance was destroyed by flames early sunday, while parked behind trenton fire headquarters. nobody was injured in the fire the fire department says the fire is not suspicious, and was likely caused by electrical issue. >> in the intelligencer, police in bucks countly soon use mobile fingerprints scanners, warrington and middletown police will soon be on patrol with the specially con figured samsung galaxy s5 phones equipped with single print pass. once a fingerprint is scanned it takes about two minutes to determine if there is a match in the state police automated fingerprint identification system. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware vale. and up next, pat's here with your morning sports, good morning, pat. >> morning, show you the scenes from yesterday's eagles practice open tow public at the linc.
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see the special gift carson wentz was given, plus, the phils walk it off. michael phelps hat some company in the gold metal category, all next in
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>> welcome back to cbs-3 " it sports. for the first time in months, eagles at the linc. >> huge turn out of fans er today. they'll get well deserved day off roughly a w i. sunday they got together with over 23,000 of their biggest fans, and it was the first thef public during camp. and birds fans soaked.
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>> e-a-g-l-e-s, egg zero gl cson wentz and the boys prepare for their first pre-seasonam august 10th against the packers. fans of all ages spent a financial field, just to get a taste of some football. >> not even one year old, he's coming down to the stadium. >> we've lived helentof games , but the first time i've been to the link, and i'm ver go eagles. >> the open practice also double appreciation day at the linc, as the birds playersn and women. also wore camo jerseys which they handed out to pilctice. one of the military members on lands at yesterday's practice is quarterback carson wentz, his own. check it o went tweeted appreciate the coast guard officer gave me the this sick cap. very grateful for those who served this great country. he added my man celek, is
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jealous, the closer look at that hat. you can see an awesome sketch of some philly landmarks, really impressive gift there. good work. wentz loving it. phils will trust the process before this afternoon's 12:35 start against the atlanta braves. fultz will toss out the ceremonial first pitch. phils playing better since the all-star break, yesterday caught a break. wild knuckleball gets away from kurt, take a one-nothing lead. pitcher velasquez gave the phils seven shut out innings, no decision right here when hernandez throw to the plate gets away from andrew, that would tie the game. never fear. for the second game in a row the phils walk it off. freddie galvis bridges home the winning run. phils win two-one, they've won four in a row. >> another great win. nice walk-off. i guess i should have left freddie in that two hole.
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he came up big. >> we try to play hard, give 100%, a lot of energy, too, we have a lot of energy right now >> the baseball hall of fame inductions in cooper ers town new york where rodriguez, bagwell, and time rains go in baseball ball all time best along with the former players, former braves general manager, and bug cilic inducted. more than 25,000 fans have attended the festivities in central new york. nascar back back in our neck of the woods for the overton 400 run in long pond. kyle busch took the lead with 16 laps remaining, held off a charge from to take the checkered flag, first win in 36 races and first ever win at pocono. the seventh time the charm can now be mentioned in the same breath as michael phelps. team usa won the four by 100
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meters yesterday at the world championship in hungary, with winning the seventh gold metal of the competition. the 20 year old won three individual goals saturday night and toast al of four row lay gold metals, michael phelps won seven gold medals at the 2,007 world championship. that's pretty prim he is i have. twenty years opened. seven gold medals, in the same sentence as michael phelps. good stuff. >> quite impressive. thank you, pat. >> pay close attention to this coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," we'll show you features of rolls royce cents new phantom eight. that's in a live report from wall street coming up. plus, president trump is weighing his options. after the us and it allies consider further action against korea after its latest missile. the latest from washington. >> then, new jersey governor chris christie back in the headlines, this time, for confront ago heckler during a baseball game in milwaukee. hear from the other man
5:27 am
involved coming up. katie? >> and rahel, we look ahead already to the up coming weekend, it once again looks like we may ends up with some showers, some thunderstorms at the moment it, doesn't appear as it will be the variety whatever we saw this past weekends, but, some sunshine by the time we hit sunday, certainly a cooler couple of days coming up, as women. >> but stay there, the rest of your forecast
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just an employment. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is monday, july 31. >> a violent night in philadelphia. a man is dead and a teenager hospitalized after she was hit by a stray bullet. >> no arrest in either shooting, police do remain on scene near in fair hills. >> i heard pop, pop. >> resident on edge, after two random shootings left an hour apart in haverford township in overbrook park. >> a lot of people were saying they saw a person with a red hood on. >> president trump begins a week with a new chief of staff he's hoping retired general, john kelly, will bring some order to the white house. >> another viral moment for new jersey governor, chris christie. >> it happened during a baseball game in milwaukee


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